First time travelling to a Spanish speaking country and first time travelling to the Caribbean. This ought to be a journey! I was stoked to have my brother with me for the entire journey and our dad joining us for the last leg!

We started in Havana and headed to Vinales for our first couple of nights. After that we went to Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Santa Clara. Our dad picked us up in Santa Clara and we drove to Camaguey for a night. Next up were Baracoa and Santiago de Cuba. From there we flew back to Havana in a Russian Antonov (which was an experience on its own).

Here is the aftermovie of a three week backpacking adventure through Cuba.

The moving images in this video were filmed with a GoPro Hero 5, Sony a580 and iPhone 8 and edited together with iMovie.

Music: Alvaro Soler - La Cintura