Being scheduled for a surgery late 2018 made me realise I would be stuck at home and in the Netherlands for several months. I figured why not explore a new country in Europe? And that's how I ended up travelling through Switzerland by train (first class.. that is!).

Working in the tourism industry has its perks. One of which was to get a massive discount on a first class rail ticket for 7 consecutive days through Switzerland. That sparked my interest and I started creating an itinerary to be able to take the most scenic of scenic trains. From Geneva to Zürich in 7 days via Montreux, Zermatt, Lauterbrunnen, Lucerne and Kloten. Travelling first class in the Swiss trains means lots of space, massive windows putting the country on display and comfy seats. 

Here is the aftermovie of a one week adventure through Switzerland by train.

The moving images in this video were filmed with a Sony a 7ii, GoPro Hero 6, iPhone 8 and DJI Spark.

Music: Deepend - Woke up in Bangkok