25 April

A brand new summit in the Wānaka region was ticket off the list today! Mount Maude is visible from all around the Wānaka/Hāwea basin but never made it out there since I thought it was private farmlands and thus inaccessible. But locals gave me the right intel to summit it. Happy tramper!

@ Mount Maude

24 April

Went for my first run in almost a month -- snapped this picture about half way. Autumn colours still around. 

@ Wānaka

23 April

A beautiful quick walk in my favorite national park. Weather turned sour quite quickly, sad enough. The river crossings were a fun way to cool off!

@ Matukituki Valley

22 April

The good stuff in the making.

@ Tarras

21 April

A Central Otago afternoon cloudy sky. It never fails to amaze me, how the colours just seem to pop off that time of day.

@ SH8a

20 April

Left the bach bright and early for a long drive back to Wānaka. Took me just under 7 hours to make it home. 

@ Fox River

19 April

The weather turned very un-west-coasty. A beautiful blue bird day was upon me, so I set out for a quick walk to a campsite 8km in the hills. Turned out to be quite the adventure after which I spent the rest of the day enjoying the sun and the rough west coast coast. 

@ Fox River

18 April

Bach life. I had booked an accommodation on the west coast that I had stayed at before. With a firetub and a private beach it was a welcome change from all the back country places I had stayed at over the last few days. Lit up the firetub and enjoyed a glass of wine when it was pouring rain later that night.

@ Fox River

17 April

A bad weather window was incoming this day so I had to cut my tramp short. A quick side mission up to this stunning orange hut, appropriately named "Adventure Ridge Bivi". After a steep 700m climb being rewarded with this tiny 1 person hut for a quick lunch spot was a great way to end this tramp.

@ Adventure Ridge Bivi

16 April

New day, new adventure! Ran into these beautiful fungi in the wild. Even for a colourblind person they stood out quite a bit. Nature is beautiful :-).

@ Cedar Flat Hut

15 April

The walk back to the car from Mataketake Hut was a pleasant one, where I was accompanied by quite a few fantails. Chatty and flappy birds they are! This one sat still just long enough for his silhouette to be captured.

@ Paringa Cattle Track

14 April

A day for the books. Hard to pinpoint what the highlight was, both sunrise & sunset were unreal. A nearby mountain I summited was a fun side mission for the day.. good company in the hut. Happy day spent in the back country!

@ Mataketake Hut

13 April

After tramping for 5 hours I arrived at my accommodation for the next two days. A brand new hut (2021) with a whole library and many high points around to explore. 

@ Mataketake Hut

12 April

Home for the night, in the rain forest! A hut I had visited before, but the previous time just for an overnighter. This time around it is a 4-day multi day tramp. Exciting stuff ahead.

@ Blowfly Hut

11 April

Packing for a road trip.. always turns my room into a packing-zone. Never gets any easier trying to pack for three tramps at once. 

@ Wānaka

10 April

Autumn has arrived!

@ Wānaka

9 April

Lunch vibes on the vineyard. Happy Easter!

@ Tarras

8 April

Wānaka Station Park has a wide variety of trees, of which some are now producing fruits/nuts. This specific tree is a walnut one. Here you see me and the boy forcefully trying to "harvest" some walnuts. 

@ Wānaka

7 April

Snip, snip. A long day helping out on the vineyard for this year's harvest. Lots of sun & lots of fun. And a bit of wine ;-).

@ Tarras

6 April

Paid a visit to a grocery store my sister lovely dubbed "Grab'n'Go". Went over the hill to Queenstown for a job interview -- TBC!

@ Queenstown

5 April

A last minute uninspired picture. Jumped in bed and realised I hadn't taken a picture all day!! Rainy day made sure I kept my phone in my pocket for most of the day..

@ Wānaka

4 April

Paid my old work a visit by popping over at the vineyard during harvest. Looking forward to the harvest fest in a few weeks!

@ Tarras

3 April

An early morning saw me pack up my belongings and depart the summit to make my way back to town. Snapped this picture just before getting back to my car at Diamond Lake. A very still and clear looking lake, one of the few that might actually freeze over this winter!

@ Glendhu Bay

2 April

An overnighter that was planned for earlier in the week turned into a beautiful little getaway. A quick climb got me on top of the hill where I pitched my tent. With views of Mount Aspiring on one side and Lake Wanaka on the other I was surrounded by beauty.

@ Glendhu Bay

1 April

Back to back dinners at the lake! Looked after the boy for the morning and went to Cinema Paradiso with Caleb after. Red Star burger for dinner to top it off. Exciting for tomorrow's adventure. Will be camping somewhere visible on this picture!

@ Wānaka