28 February

Having fixed my mountain bike that was stored in Wānaka with a flat tyre I took it around for a spin along the Clutha River. Was accompanied by a Canadian family member of Gill's. Such a great ride with amazing scenery. 

@ Upper Clutha River Track

27 February

The one that got away. Having just arrived back in Wānaka I was still getting used to the +12 hours time difference. Received messages about the Aurora Australis being out at full force at 10pm. I went outside for a quick look and decided my bed was more tempting. Therefore missing out on one of the best displays of the southern lights in decades....

@ Wānaka

26 February

Within 24 hours of landing in Queenstown I was out in the Kiwi bush. Tagged along with Caleb and some of his mates to (re)visit a glacier. A great hour and a half walk to a beautiful viewpoint of the Rob Roy Glacier. Quite busy.. when I left NZ last it was still closed for visitors.. but seems that nature is healing -- and thus carparks are cramped, trails are busy -- and things are going back to normal.

@ Rob Roy Glacier

25 February

Happy face. Arrived in Queenstown after a 30 hour journey. Was picked up by Sophia, Noah and Caleb at the airport. Drove home and I could not resist paying this beautiful view point above Wānaka a visit. Wearing the t-shirt my family so kindly personalized for me.

@ Wānaka