31 March

Had the morning off so I went for a much needed run along the lake. Dinner picknick at the lake with a stunning sunset!

@ Wānaka

30 March

Went down to the river, that runs from Lake Wanaka all the way to the Pacific. Was quite a beautiful day!

@ Wānaka

29 March

I remember seeing these skies when I was 16 living in Albert Town. The colors in the sky during sunset were surreal, even more so during the changing of the seasons. We had one of those nights here last night. This was just after the show was over as I realised I should've taken a picture too late.. oh well!

@ Wānaka

28 March

Snow day! We had a light dusting of snow on the mountains around the lake. Came down to 600masl, which is just shy of touching the summit of Mount Iron. Beautiful scenes all around. 

@ Wānaka

27 March

A bike ride a day.... this time I had a passenger on his shotgun seat. What was supposed to be a short ride around the block turned into a 1,5 hour ride through town including a visit to Gill & Caleb. Birds were spotted, ducks were counted. New bikepacking set-up?!

@ Wānaka

26 March

Early Sunday morning brief visit to that tree. First time back there with a camera. Vibrant leaves with a soothing backdrop of the Alps. Great start of the day!!

@ Wānaka

25 March

A beautiful day in paradise ended up with Caleb and myself having a proper gamenight. Peeked out for one last look before shutting the curtains as they were obstructing our visibility on the TV and saw this beautiful display of colors.

@ Wānaka

24 March

This book has been on my to-buy list for many years. It being unavailable in the Netherlands I just had to purchase it the first time seeing it in real life in the book store in Wanaka. Many couch day dream sessions will be had with this one :-).

@ Wānaka

23 March

Had some errands to run in town so hopped on my bike after a morning Fortnite session with the crew back in Europe. Saw some of the trees turning all autumny, consider me excited!!!

@ Wānaka

22 March

Took the boy out for a ride on his bike whilst catching up with Caleb in a nearby park. Overall a good day :-).

@ Wānaka

21 March

Woke up the next morning to a light dusting of snow on the higher peaks surrounding the hut. It was quite chilly so it was a proper test for potential winter adventures to come. My fourth visit to the hut looked a bit like this!

@ Meg Hut

20 March

Some days you just gotta make the most of the opportunities you are given. And if that opportunity is, going for an overnighter in the rain, you take it! Ended up walking to one of my favorite huts in two hours in the pouring rain with about 8kgs of fire wood. My boots did not dry overnight. But fun was had.

@ Meg Hut

19 March

One of those days where taking the dog out for a walk in the late afternoon sun was one of the highlights. The rest of the day was quite gloomy, weather wise.

@ Wānaka

18 March

The local mountain bike forest is dubbed Sticky Forest. Not sure why, but it does have a funny ring to it. This picture is taken at my favorite spot in the forest where there's an opening.

@ Wānaka

17 March

Autumn has arrived, for a day or so. Looking up the lake today it trully felt like a new season (and my favorite) has arrived. Can't wait til the trees turn all autumny (but alas, next week it's going to be 20+ degrees again)..!

@ Wānaka

16 March

A snapshot of a social night playing squash. Only twice held a racket before in Wanaka, and both were in 2009. Felt good to get a bit of a late night workout done whilst meeting a good crowd. 

@ Wānaka

15 March

Figured it was about time to finally head up Mt. Iron. Having been in Wanaka well over two weeks it was well overdue. Was accompanied by two Shortcliffe lads!

@ Wānaka

14 March

Went for an after dinner walk down to lake front, at Bremner Bay. Saw the beautiful sunset light hit the mountains just right. Love this time of year! 

@ Wānaka

13 March

Some days there is one kid to keep an eye out for, other days there are three (only momentarily ;-)). A snapshot taken at playgroup.

@ Hawea Flat 

12 March

About two weeks into my New Zealand 2023 adventure I decided to give journalling a go again. Still as indecipherable as ever.

@ Wānaka

11 March

One of the many amazing birds out there in the New Zealand bush is the fantail. It was singing loud enough that I could hear its song through my AirPods. Stunning animals with a good chat.

@ Pearl Flat, Matukituki Valley

10 March

My first overnighter back at it. Went to a hut that I visited before almost exactly two years ago. A 20km day, of which 18km were flat and the last 2km I was drenched in my own sweat. I might've lost some of my hiking fitness whilst I was in the Netherlands..! The view of Mt Aspiring made it all worth it.

@ Liverpool Hut

9 March

Apparently I can read kids books just fine. This audience of two was pleased with my story (re)telling.

@ Wānaka Library

8 March

A beautiful afternoon at lake front at Wanaka. In front of the mountains my favorite little park in town is visible, Eely Point. Dramatic looking clouds and quite the swell on the lake made for a fun swim session with Caleb.

@ Wānaka

7 March

Finally gotten around to personalising my wall, that meant sticking all the photos I'd taken with me on said wall. Printed 28 pictures from my year in the Netherlands. Wholesome stuff, IIDSSM.

@ Wānaka

6 March

Wānaka, as viewed from a favorite viewing (and Pokémon GO) spot of mine in town. Right in front of a memorial for the local fallen heroes of both world wars. This view and these mountains never ceases to amaze me.

@ Wānaka

5 March

Went to Wānaka Station Park with Caleb, where he showed me around the fruit trees in the public park. I took it easy the rest of the day. Contemplating my next missions. 

@ Wānaka

4 March

What a day. The local Pokémon GO communities consists of only a few players in town, of which one is this awe-inspiring older lady that I met at lake front a few years back. She plays daily, gets her 10.000 steps in whilst doing so and therefor maintains a great level of fitness! See, Pokémon GO has so many benefits! Met up & caught up over a coffee in town.

@ Wānaka

3 March

An emotional rollercoaster of a day. Exactly a year since the passing of my beloved grandfather I wanted to summit a mountain. To honor him, in a way. I just felt like I had to do something on the 3rd that would give me the time and space to remember him on that day. Hiking a mountain gave me ample time to do so. Went to the cinema almost straight after with some mates, to clear my head :-).

@ Roys Peak, Wānaka

2 March

It had been a hectic day, so an afternoon dip in the lake was much needed. A great viewpoint of town, away from the business of town in its peak season.

@ Eely Point, Wānaka

1 March

Just a stunner of a day in Wānaka. Went for a walk with Noah to a nearby playground and spent the afternoon on my beloved bike riding along lake front. 

@ Wānaka